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Rachael Ray Oval Bakers The Rachael Ray Oval Bakers are oval roasting dishes created from stoneware in Rachael Ray orange. The stoneware has a glazed interior, so it won't interact with foods. The cooking surface is nonporous and won't hold stains and flavors from previous meals. The extra wide holes in the handles make it easier to manipulate the hot stoneware, even with potholders (I hate when I try to fish an item from the oven and run my potholder through the food, ruining the look of the dish and creating more laundry). Storage is space saving as the bakers nest together. Their contemporary look and design is meant to be playful and is made to serve multiple purposes. Cook and serve from the same dish. Safe for the dishwasher, microwave, freezer and oven (to 500 degrees).

I have a set of all around bowls like these, which can be used anywhere. I love them because they are so versatile- you can pull one out to make just about anything, then keep the food in the same dish until it has all been eaten. Anything that saves time, dishes and laundry, I'd definitely recommend. The set comes with one small and one medium oval dish. They are fantastic for creating foods with a crunchy top because of their shallow sides, so macaroni and cheese will have that texture you crave. These items are made in China.

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