Revere Mixing Bowl Set w/ Lid Covers for Food Storage

Kitchen Stainless Steel 3 Piece w/ Lids

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Revere Mixing Bowl Set Revere is certainly one of the better known manufacturers of cookware in the home kitchen. Did you know they can actually trace the roots of the present company all the way back to Paul Revere himself? That's some American manufacturing history.

Anyone who has spent time in the kitchen mixing up ingredients for baking and such will appreciate a set of stainless steel bowls like these. Revere sells these as a set of three, and also provides fitted plastic lids to keep the contents fresh if you are called away in the middle of whipping something up and get a phone call, or simply desire using these for storage in the refrigerator.

They are well shaped for using with an electric mixer, and the size range makes them useful for a variety of tasks. The set is rather on the small size, so if you plan on making really large recipes, you'll have to purchase a larger mixing bowl separately to augment this set. Although the base is flat and stable, a good idea is to fold a damp dishcloth and place under the bowl when mixing to keep it from moving around on the counter.

One additional handy feature is the hanging loop on the side of the bowls. While I wouldn't hang these up purely for sanitary reasons, they would look smart hanging next to your other stainless steel cookware. That would keep them in easy reach however. Since they nest inside each other neatly, I'll just keep them in the cupboard.

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