Rival Crock Pot Oval Slow Cooker

Programmable Red 5.5 Quart

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Crock Pot Oval Slow Cooker Don't we all wish at times that there was someone to do the cooking for us? With a Crock Pot product, you get as close as possible to
that wish without having to hire a personal chef. Add your ingredients, press the button, and do your housework, errands, or head to work. If you're nearby, soon you'll begin to detect the delicate tendrils of the smell of slow-cooked food wafting through the house. This has become such a staple of cooking that there are whole websites dedicated to recipes and ingenious ideas for meals, desserts, and snacks. Things you might never be brave enough to stick in the oven for fear of drips and mess can be handled without a care in the pot, because the interior lifts out for serving and cleaning.

Make some of the most tender, delicious meats you've ever tasted. The oval shape accommodates whole birds and larger cuts more readily than round models. Vegetable companions can cook right alongside your main, soaking up the flavors. What about pasta? Yes, even pasta, from lasagna to macaroni and cheese! Breads and cakes, especially thick, moist versions like coffee cake and banana bread, bake nicely right on the counter. And you can enjoy hot food, not a hot kitchen.

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