Rival Electric Skillet w/ Lid

Nonstick 12 Inch S12P

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Rival Electric Skillet w/ Lid Mom used to make very tender meat dishes in her electric skillet; a favorite, since she could boil the potatoes and carrots, brown the meat, and then simmer the whole meal in gravy -- all in one pan, all in one appliance. Having an electric skillet is like having the convenience of stovetop cooking with no stove required. Fry inside, make pasta, use it like a griddle for pancakes. It is a versatile cooking tool.

The addition of the domed lid is very helpful to keep moisture in and stop splatter. The sides are nicely angled, the pan deep, all of which helps to maneuver food and keep ingredients inside the pan. The skillet heats fast and thoroughly, and the nonskid feet keep it in place. You can count on the quality because these are the makers of the Crock Pot slow cooker.

This would be a great option for meals where a slow simmer really gets the flavors to mix in -- a chicken paprikash, stroganoff -- the stuff you might fear to make in another pan due to the cleanup involved. With the Rival, you can cook at the table or serve from the base and then pop it into the dishwasher. One pan, one full meal.

Compare this with Cuisinart's Oval Electric Skillet.

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