Rival Fold-n-Store Griddle

Portable Nonstick Electric Skillet Grill GRF405

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Rival Fold-n-Store Griddle The Rival Fold n Store Griddle offers two separate cooking plates and comes with convenient carrying handles. Its portability makes this item great for gatherings, functions or to take camping. There's no reason you shouldn't have a decent meal right at your campsite. Just plug it in and enjoy. At home, you can save money by making your own family breakfast in no more time than it takes to drive to the restaurant.

The device offers dual temperature controls and each side has its own indicator light. The handles and housing are cool to the touch. The built-in grease channel drains to a front mounted grease tray. The positioning makes the tray easier to monitor and handle. The cooking plates are removable for no hassle cleaning and are dishwasher safe. The product then folds away to store, saving space.

The 10.5 x 20-inch cooking surface is generous enough for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The large surface can be used to prepare a mountain of food at once or you can choose only half for smaller meals. The individual cooking surfaces allow different foods to be created at the same time at their own recommended temperature. Keep the pans in the cabinet and prepare all of the components of your meal on one appliance.

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