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Rival Stainless Steel Fondue Pot There is something quaint and seemingly old-fashioned about the candle-lit fondue pots, but I will never go back now that I have an electric one. The temperature is so much easier to control with the Rival. The candle-heated ones are okay for keeping a small pot almost warm, but you really only have the one heat setting. And you can't use them to heat oil really hot for cooking meat (one of my favorite types of fondue).

This pot has a lot of pros: The non-stick surface is easy to use and clean, perfect for cheese or chocolate fondues. The heat controls are excellent, giving you the ability to keep the temperature consistent. Smart release electrical cord prevents people (especially rascally kids) from tripping over cord and taking the whole fondue pot down with them. A fantastic value for the price.

And only a couple cons: The cord is way too short-- you can't use it at a table and plug it in unless you use an extension cord. Beware the metal skewers that come with this fondue set. You can scratch the non-stick surface with them.

I love it! You'll find yourself making fondue a lot more often with this easy-to-use fondue pot.

Trudeau makes another great fondue set.

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