Rival White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer

Stainless Steel Electric 6 Quart F69206-X

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Rival White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer Create a massive six quarts of homemade ice cream or other frozen treat using the Rival White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer. The freezer can and dasher are made from stainless steel, so they're dishwasher safe. Recipes are included. This product is made in the USA.

Even the bucket is hand crafted and made to last. Solid pine planks are fitted using tongue and groove construction, with three coats of sealer, stain and lacquer to protect the wood. The dasher works through a triple motion system, which is said to produce ice cream that is more creamy and smooth and which freezes more efficiently.

The electric motor will do the cranking for you, but otherwise, this is the traditional version of homemade ice cream making people will remember from childhood. Ice and rock salt have to be added, but that is a small price to pay for the fantastic result.

People are loyal to the White Mountain brand for the durability it has shown. It may seem overly sentimental if you've never experienced it, but bonding over the creation of the desserts is part of the fun, as is the work involved. With this Rival model, there will be plenty of ice cream to go around and the flavors are up to you.

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