Ronco Showtime Compact Rotisserie Barbeque Oven ST3001WHGEN

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Ronco Showtime Compact RotisserieYou can bring home the slow-cooked flavor of rotisserie and barbecue cooking with this compact oven. The oven features a nonstick rotisserie basket, spit rods, food ties, drip tray, and a loading base which can also serve as a platform for carving. The functions include a two hour dial timer and a choice of normal, no-heat and pause-to-sear rotation. The parts are dishwasher safe. Welcome accessories include a pair of washable rubber barbecue gloves.

The oven's size may be compact, but the volume of food it holds is certainly not. It is large enough to handle a small turkey or two chickens and creates tender meat without the need to baste. It seals juices into the meat and at the same time allows fat to drain away. Use the basket for foods which won't work with the spit rods. You can cook fish and wings unlike any you've tasted.

The biggest drawback for people who are curious about the oven seems to be the "As Seen On TV" aspect of the purchase, but almost everyone who goes on to buy one is pleased with the outcome of their food and the performance of the oven. They say it is easy to clean and makes better than store bought rotisserie.

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