Ronco Showtime Standard Rotisserie Barbeque Oven w/ Accessory Kit ST4000WHGEN

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Ronco Showtime Standard RotisserieThe Ronco Showtime makes good on nearly every TV promise--the few quirks found in the ST4000 Rotisserie Barbeque Oven are entirely forgivable, because it makes great food.

Big enough to roast two chickens side by side on the revolving spits--or even full sized hamburgers in the rotisserie basket supplied as a standard accessory--the Showtime consistently produces thoroughly cooked and deliciously browned roasted meat and poultry. It's not like the Foreman Grill, because getting rid of all the fat possible isn't the point. The Showtime seals in juices with searing heat and then evenly cooks the food with steady, constant rotation for perfect results every time. The flavor stays in the meat, not in the pan.

Ronco supplies a full line-up of accessories for the Showtime, including extra spits, flavor injectors, basting gloves . . . and more! That does also include a vegetable heating pan for the top of the machine, which is the only feature of the Showtime that hasn't been useful. Food placed in the heating pan is very slow to warm and cooking results are doubtful at best.

The "set and forget" quality is real enough, but the rotisserie makes enough noise while in operation that you'll probably not forget supper's cooking. The warranty is only for six months, but units have a reputation for outliving it.

If this is too much appliance for you, here's the compact version of the same design.

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