RSVP International Marble Pastry Board 18 Inch

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RSVP International Marble Pastry BoardRSVP is a wholesale supplier of kitchen accessories.The RSVP International Marble Pastry Board is made of natural marble and comes to us from Taiwan. The board weighs almost twenty eight pounds and is just over a foot and a half square. It comes with stable rubber feet, which protect the surfaces on which it rests. The patterns and colors vary with the natural composition of the stone. It cleans up with a soft cloth and gentle wiping.

Cool marble is the best possible surface for rolling dough as it keeps the dough from sticking. The size of this board is generous, but that is needed to enable enough functional work surface. This isn't a cutting board; it may ruin your knife or your board when used as one. A board of this heft is meant to have a home on a countertop and not be moved often, if ever. With an established home, there is far less chance of breaking the board or dropping it on your foot. If you don't prepare much dough or are short on counter space, this is probably not an item for you. For a dedicated home cook, pastry chef, or someone with the room for quality accessories, it would be worth a look.

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