Rubbermaid Produce Saver Container Set

Kitchen Storage Polypropylene 8 Piece 7J93

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Rubbermaid Produce Saver Container Set Like most things in life, there are pros and cons to plastic. To further complicate matters, there are choices even among plastic. On the one hand, you could buy a set of plastic storage containers. On the other hand, you could re-use all those containers that you already get at the grocery store (i.e. yogurt containers, food from the deli, or for bulk liquids like honey or soap).

Plastic is pretty durable. I've reused Nancy's yogurt containers for years and years, and unless I fill them with tomato sauce or bright yellow curry their appearance has remained the same. You can also easily stack and store these containers (I recommend storing the lids in a separate basket or shoe box in the cupboard along with the containers).

The only downfall to re-using these containers for storing food is that sometimes the lids aren't super secure. Oh, the things that have spilled in my backpack...

The advantage to purchasing a set of Rubbermaid's Produce Savers is not limited to more secure lids. The containers are also sturdier. You can see through all of them (unlike Nancy's yogurt containers). They are made of polypropylene and so are BPA free (BPA is a hormone-disturbing chemical often used in plastic that can leech into your food or drink, especially if the container is scratched or worn.

And one more thing: The Rubbermaid Produce set has a specially designed ventilation lid to allow oxygen to circulate and a tray that is half an inch away from the bottom in order to keep moisture away from your produce. This means your food will stay fresher longer, a distinct and cost-saving advantage that these containers have over those that you bring home from the grocery store.

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