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Rubbermaid Slim Jim Bottle & CanMade with Rubbermaid's usual sturdy quality and strictly functional appearance, the rounded edges of the Rubbermaid Slim Jim Bottle and Can Recycling Top qualify as child safe. The lid provides necessary access for can and bottle disposal without gaping wide enough to encourage careless mixing of other trash. It's a good way to teach social and environmental responsibility to small children and people like me.

A perfect fit for the Slim Jim Recycling Bin, a rectangular 23 gallon waste receptacle from Rubbermaid, the Slim Jim Recycling Top also keeps trash under control if the bin happens to tip. A tight fit prevents sticky liquids from escaping the fallen container. A slight tongue of one corner lifts the top free for emptying and relining the bin. The lid and the bin it fits are stain resistant and easily cleaned. The 20-inch by 11-1/2-inch lid isn't too big for a quick rinse in the kitchen sink. Use a liner with the bin, and the rest of the system should stay clean.

Convenient in basic ways, the system provides no option for can and bottle separation, so one opening would have been plenty. It's a better idea for recyclable food tins than for drink cans unless you also invest in a can crusher. The small space quickly fills with soda cans if that's a popular drink in your house. The system does add some neatness and efficiency to the recycling process, even though one bin is certainly not enough. Depending on the rules in your community recycling center, you could need up to half a dozen sets.

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