Sally Bee’s Overnight Road To Cookbook Success

Posted by Sharon on Aug 5

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sally bee cookbook success white houseStratford-upon-Avon's Sally Bee never expected to dominate the world of cookbook sales and bestseller lists. But this week, after she received a call from the White House, all of that changed.

Sally Bee's story is heartwarming to say the least. Four years ago, she suffered three heart attacks in one week, and later learned that she was born with a heart defect.  Her doctors gave her one week to live. But she survived -- and spent the remainder of her life to this point compiling heart-healthy recipes and exercise routines to keep her living life to the fullest. The narrative stories and recipes were published in her cookbook titled "The Secret Ingredient" in May of this year.

The overnight success of Sally Bee's cookbook can be traced back to one person, however: Michelle Obama.  Sally received a call from the White House requesting an order of her cookbook, as well as an invitation to visit Michelle Obama's Victory garden and cook with her.

So when news of this turn of events hit the press, it's no surprise that "The Secret Ingredient" took the number-one spot on Amazon's Movers & Shakers list (books that achieved the greatest rise in sales within a 24 hour period).  It's also achieved the top spot on the cookbooks chart, surpassing the likes of Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, and Delia Smith.

Publishing giant HarperCollins has now acquired the cookbook, and will re-release it in March of 2010. Sally Bee plans to supplement the cookbook with another new title in the spring of 2011.

Source: UK Guardian

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