Salter Square Kitchen Food Scale

Stainless Steel Digital 11 Pound

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Salter Square Kitchen Food Scale Salter, I daresay, has the widest variety of kitchen scales on the market today. With this model, they have gone decidedly minimal. It's a simple square slab of stainless steel, rather elegant in its simplicity.

Now really, this is the company that produces kitchen weighing devices that resemble robots from a Disney-esque future. I half expected this scale to transform into something else when I used it to measure out ingredients for a cake. Alas, it remained just the same humble device. The monolithic steel surface of this unit was a bit disconcerting at first; it looks like a miniature bathroom scale. What I came to enjoy was the simple utility of the device. For weighing out dry items, just use the surface itself, and use whatever dish you like for everything else. It features a button control to zero outĀ the scale after placing the dish on it so you are only weighing the contents. Another use for this is to zero out the scale with the addition of each item, which greatly simplifies the measuring process.

You have the choice of weighing in ounces or kilograms, and the unit shuts off automatically after use. The slim form factor allows the scale to be stored in a drawer or even tucked in vertically between other appliances. One quirky limitation is that the scale measures in 1/8 oz. increments up to 5 lbs. then in 1/4 oz. increments after that. Not something you'll notice in normal kitchen use but odd nonetheless. Salter includes the lithium batteries, and backs this scale with a ten-year warranty.

You may want to update other measuring systems in your kitchen as well.

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