Salton Frozen Yogurt, Dessert Maker #YM9

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Salton YM9 Yogurt Maker Salton's product has made everything simple. From a few basic ingredients, you create a tasty, multipurpose treat. The YM9 keeps your ingredients clean, isolated and at optimum temperature. Yogurt takes from four to ten hours to complete, but once you put in the ingredients, it's the active cultures doing all the work. The longer you allow the process to continue, the greater the tanginess achieved. Your final product stores for up to a week in the refrigerator. The internal container is freezer safe, allowing you to place the batch directly into the freezer (two hours are recommended) to obtain a nicely frozen yogurt.

Basically, yogurt is made by bacterial fermentation using a milk product. While you don't need a specialty appliance to prepare it, having one allows you better control over the process regardless of the environment and keeps your developing yogurt sanitary. If yogurt is a product you use frequently or if you have to search to find non-dairy versions, this would be an appliance to consider.

Soy or rice milk can be used to make vegan alternatives. Rich in nutrients and probiotics, yogurt is also used as a natural tool to help alleviate gastrointestinal issues. Save money and prepare yours in bulk instead of buying high-priced individual containers. Used as a breakfast, a light lunch, a nutritious snack for kids, as a mainstay in gourmet kitchens, and as a delicious dessert option, yogurt is growing in use in American homes, but has been widely used around the world for centuries. Once prepared, you can use yogurt as an addition to many recipes from sweet to savory and as a base for dips, sauces, and drinks such as smoothies. A recipe book is included, but when it comes to variety, you're only limited by your own creativity.

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