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Sanyo Automatic Toaster Oven For the many small jobs a pop-up toaster can't handle -- like open-faced sandwiches with cheese -- a full-sized oven does not make good economic sense, wasting watts on a snack-sized item that could as easily be spent on a turkey. The Sanyo Space Saving Toaster Oven fits neatly in that niche, with oven-style removable shelves and energy-saving features that put its 950 watts to efficient use.

This compact toaster oven takes up only about a square foot of counter space, handy for small kitchens or large ones, but you can't use the Sanyo Oven for the equivalent of full-size baking or roasting. The unit runs at a fixed temperature of approximately 375 degrees Fahrenheit -- any recipe calling for that temperature has a good chance of working properly, but above and below that, the only compensation you can make is to increase or decrease cooking time. The automatic shutoff circuit runs the oven for only fifteen minutes and is adjustable for shorter periods. The major feature you control is how many of the heating elements run at one time.

Select the right task and this little oven is very handy, but it's not a heavy duty machine built for slow roasting. Use it to toast sandwiches, brown meringue, or reheat frozen food. As with any home appliance subject to high heat, a good safety habit is to unplug the Sanyo oven when not in use.

If it's vertical (not horizontal) space you need to save, try the DeLonghi Digital Toaster Oven.

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