Sanyo Electric Indoor Barbeque

Kitchen Nonstick Grill HPS-SG3

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Sanyo Electric Indoor Barbeque Sanyo brings us an indoor grill with a 1300 watt heating element and 200 square inches of cooking surface, all nonstick. Practically smoke free cooking is possible with the drip pan, which drains the fat from your foods as you cook. The ridges keep your food from soaking in oils and make impressive grill sear marks. The temperature control is adjustable and has an accompanying indicator light. The unit has a cool touch base and handles. The drip pan is safe for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Grill year round regardless of the weather. Enjoy tasty and attractive grilled items with only a percentage of their fat and oil left on the food. Potential buyers should be aware of the dimensions of this product as this is a large grill; load it up with your choice of meats and veggies.

Some people have been disappointed by the time it takes the unit to reach a decent cooking temperature (the temperature control has a range for each marking, so it isn't possible to choose an exact setting). The cooking isn't totally smoke free, but is mostly so. Even people who loved it wish it came with a lid and occasionally found it difficult to clean, but for the most part people are thrilled to finally have a nice indoor grilling option which performs as it claims. The Sanyo is a real crowd pleaser and well-suited for family meals or entertaining.

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