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Mini Fridge Stainless Steel SR-3770S

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Sanyo Refrigerator A dorm style refrigerator has many uses outside of the campus setting. If you have a garage, workspace, a second floor -- any place you spend a lot of time -- you could benefit from the comfort and convenience of having a small fridge nearby. Imagine, a hot day of yard work, you're too filthy to head inside, but boy, would a cool drink go down well.

A unit like this could hold frozen snacks for the kids, cool water for after your workout, refreshing drinks. If you're out all day at play, wet from the pool, no one is running through the house to get what they need. Set up some simple lunch items and let the kids have a picnic. Keep your barbecue sides stocked inside, and you won't be constantly dragging bottles in and out, wiping them down. The door offers two liter and can storage. The top is counter height, giving you a small prep area in addition to cool storage.

Remember how fun it can be to raid the mini bar in your hotel room? Make your own. Hide your own stash of candy bars, sodas, and treats for the adults right in your bedroom. If you have a game room for company, stock the refrigerator with dips and beer.

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