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Kitchen Stainless Steel Digital SK-VF7S

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Sanyo Toaster Convection Oven In the Sanyo Convection Oven, two quartz heaters run the full width of the oven, top and bottom. This pair of twin convection inlets provide fast and even heating. Harnessing the power of 1350 watts, the oven will cook, reheat, bake and toast up to four slices of bread or items as large as a ten inch pizza.

A keypad allows you to toast fresh or frozen bread with one touch of a button. Five temperature controls help you set a range of cooking temperatures from 180-470 degrees. Features include a forty minute digital timer and an adjustable shade control. The oven tray is nonstick. A crumb tray, removable oven rack, recipe book and instruction manual are part of the package.

A stainless steel exterior cleans easily and goes with almost any kitchen environment. The baking rack slides out for you when the oven door is opened, so access to your food is convenient. There is a slope at the back of the oven, requiring some foods to be turned mid-cycle to prevent burning and making some larger items hard to fit inside. The oven is simple to use and doesn't occupy much counter space. For toasted items and baked foods, you can't go wrong with the somewhat retro looking Sanyo.

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