Sanyo Upright Chest Freezer

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Sanyo Upright Chest Freezer When I was growing up, we had a food budget. Each month, my mother would sit down at the table with her pen and paper and figure out her bill money. She would then create a grocery list, two weeks at a time, and we would go shopping. We had some snacks and treats, but we understood that if we ate them all right away, there would be no more until the next time we shopped.

When we got a small chest freezer, that really helped her expand on the power of her budget. If she found a great deal on meat, she could buy a little extra for later. If my father killed a deer or she heard about a farmer with a side of beef, she was ready to handle it. The Sanyo freezer has a drip tray for meat, and the upright design means you don't have to bend to retrieve your items. The door offers additional storage, and the interior has two fast freeze shelf options.

Time has passed, but Mom still keeps a chest freezer. Every holiday at her house, you can expect to see the plastic gallon milk jugs come out. She saves them, fills them with water, and makes large batches of ice that way. It helps the freezer function, plus she never buys ice for her cooler or homemade ice cream machine.

This model might be too tall for your storage space. In that case, check out the Frigidaire Chest Freezer.

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