Senseo Supreme Gourmet Coffee Maker

Stainless LCD Display HD7832

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Senseo Supreme Gourmet Coffee Maker I'm sorry but somebody has to say it: The Sanseo HD7832 Supreme is supremely ugly. What's with the futuristic, stream-lined, silver phallic symbol? Is this some kind of George-Jetson-meets-Mr.-Coffee wet dream? It's plain and simply ugly.

Why is it that the style for the future is always sterile, metallic, and ugly? Won't there be any people in the future? Who's gonna drink all this coffee if there aren't any humans around? Oh, I forgot. This is a single-serve "gourmet" coffeemaker. There only has to be one human around to use it. Or one cockroach, as the case may be.

But if you're a future-o-phile, bachelor who never wants a date to spend the night and be around for that morning cup of joe (let alone come back for a second date), then maybe the Sanseo is for you.

This is, after all, somebody's future (though definitely not mine). How much more twenty-first century can you get than "pre-measured coffee pods"? Plus, it's super high-tech with its interactive LCD display.

Let's just hope the taste of the coffee isn't lacking in the same way that the taste of the design is. Ugh!

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