Sharp Convection Microwave Toaster Oven w/ Grill

Silver R-820JS

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Sharp Convection Microwave Toaster OvenSharp has really raised the bar with this full-featured oven. If you are searching for a true all-in-one solution to countertop cooking, then this may be just the thing to meet your needs.

The Sharp R-820JS looks to be a sophisticated microwave oven at first glance. The controls are extensive, and the digital display performs many helpful functions. Hidden within however, are convection and grilling abilities that rival the best toaster ovens available. First, there is the 900-watt convection microwave. This combines the best of the two technologies, the microwave for speedy cooking and the convection feature to better circulate hot air around the food. This has the benefit of more thorough browning and a true "oven baked" result, rather than the typical mushy product from standard microwaves in the past. Items that you may never have considered cooking in a "microwave" can be prepared with good results in this oven: pizza, hamburgers, baked goods, and even roast meats.

As the TV host says, "Wait, that's not all!" You will also find dual over-and-under grills in this model that emit 1500 watts of radiant heat to surround the food being cooked. The control panel provides a considerable amount of automatic functions designed to make meal preparation easier. Although plentiful, the control panel is neatly designed with functions clearly marked. The large two line digital display guides you through all the processes, even setting the clock. You will want to spend some time studying the instruction manual to make the most of the features. Still, you should be able to start using this right out of the box without difficulty.

I am no fan of the microwave oven, considering them unnecessary for all but the most desperate situations in the kitchen. This oven from Sharp has so much built-in versatility, however, that I will have to rethink my position.

For those that are a fan of the microwave oven, check out the additional products Sharp offers in its line.

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