Japanese Shun Chef’s Slicing Knife, Damascus Classic

Stainless VG-10 Steel, 10 Inch

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Shun Classic Chef's Knife One of the best and most versatile knives you can get, the Shun Classic Chef's Knife is the familiar Western "cook's knife" pattern, but better. Made in Seki City, Japan, the Damascus style blades of Shun Classic knives show the same expertise as the best of the old Samurai swords, and the result is a knife that almost falls through the work.

The layered steel is actually sixteen layers deep on each side, around a central core of hard VG-10 steel that forms the cutting edge. The thin V of the razor sharp edge is slimmer in profile than that of Western knives, noticeably increasing cutting efficiency. This harder edge is also more brittle, which is why the supporting layers are needed. This is a slicing knife, not a chopping knife, but it will still do the hard work a cook's knife is expected to do. Although it doesn't have the hollow ground granton of a Santoku, the ripple effect of the layered steel serves the same friction reducing purpose, making this a fine choice for delicate jobs as well as tough ones.

The D-style handle is a surprise to some, but most people who have trained with Western style knives don't find the adjustment difficult and soon grow to prefer this knife over any other. Its low maintenance edge is easily sharpened, the knife is lightweight in comparison to German chef's blades, and is very resistant to stains and rust. Handwashing is easy--a knife this good should never be run through the harsh environment of a dishwasher. It's also covered by a lifetime warranty you're very unlikely to need.

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