Shun Elite SG-2 Utility Knife

Kitchen Cutlery Powdered Stainless Steel 6 Inch

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Shun Elite SG-2 Utility Knife The Shun Elite SG-2 steel Utility knife is not the multi-purpose kitchen tool many people use for everything from slicing tomatoes to prying the lids off cans. The slicing work suits it fine, but there's a lot that's different about this knife.

Made from very hard SG-2 powdered stainless steel, the metal in this blade is so fine in grain that it can take a sixteen degree angle beveled edge and hold it for more than a year in normal use. Frequent sharpening is not recommended; even if you get the special sharpening system you'll need to do this at home--sharpening is a habit you'll have to break, because with this knife it's a waste of good steel.

That same excellent steel is hard enough to chip or break if you try to cut through bones or pry the lids off cans. Read the instructions carefully before you put the knife to work, because you'll find many things to avoid. The better news is that for slicing, this knife is unmatched. Shun blades are famous for effortless cutting, almost scary in the way they seem to drop through food without help from the hand that holds them.

Beautifully made with a Pakka-wood handle and rat tail tang, the Shun Elite shows craftsmanship even in the build of the grip, with the company logo inlaid rather than pasted on, and rings of copper and brass accentuating the base of the bolster.

Hand washing and careful storage, preferably in a wood block, are required if you intend to keep this knife in top condition. In a year or so, when the knife needs re-sharpening, one solution is to sent it back to Shun for the free touch-up given as needed for the lifetime of the blade.

Compare this with LamsonSharp's utility knife.

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