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SG-2 Damascus Steel | Japanese Kitchen Knife

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Shun Kaji Damascus Steel JapaneseThis fine cleaver from Shun Cutlery's line of modern Damascus steel gourmet blades could be one of the finest kitchen knives you'll ever own. In the average Asian kitchen some version of this versatile 7" cutting edge length cleaver may even be the only style of knife in use. Master chefs use it for everything from mincing herbs to slicing meat--heavier versions are even used for chopping through bone.

The layered Damascus steel surrounding the core layer of SG-2 powdered steel, a uniformly fine grained carbide alloy with unsurpassed edge holding capability and very high tensile strength, is good for nearly any kitchen task except that crude butchering application. For that you need something less refined. I remember watching my aunt, a lady born and raised in Taiwan, skillfully using a cleaver (with a much less impressive pedigree) for everything from slicing meat for stir fry to cutting the eyes from potatoes. Awkward in my own hands, in hers it was a precise tool that quickly did delicate work.

Using the space age version of samurai steel, Shun's special alloys and forging processes create knives that are, like this Kaji Cleaver, far beyond the everyday needs of most chefs. There are other more economical options which suffice, but there are few blades that approach this level of quality and efficiency. Such a knife makes sense for the true professional, or for more ordinary people who appreciate perfection. If you run this knife through the dishwasher you should be ashamed.

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