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Silicone 11-5/8 Non Stick Pad

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Silpat Silicone Kitchen Counter BakingI don't know about you, but I don't have any problems cleaning my cookie sheets. Simply wipe them down with hot water and dish washing soap, then put them in the dish rack and let them dry. It's not very complicated, so I'm not sure why the ease of cleaning a silicone baking mat would be a selling point for the item.

But... cleaning the mess of biscuit dough or pie crust off my kitchen table is a whole other matter. Using this mat on my table for kneading dough or cutting out cookies would be a definite time saver.

The product may sound a bit like something from the space-age: it's made from woven glass fabric and coated with food-safe silicone. If that sounds scary to you, there's no need to worry. The product conforms to U.S. regulations and is FDA, NSF, and Kosher certified. With it's wide range of temperature tolerance (-40 to 482 degrees F), the mat can be used in the fridge, freezer, microwave, and oven. And you don't need to grease it.

So, in the end, the Silpat baking mat sounds like another multi-purpose tool that doesn't take up much kitchen space and that sounds good to me.

It's easy to use, easy to clean (same as a cookie sheet), and easy to store (either rolled up or lying flat). But as flexible as the mat is, you can't use it in place of a cookie sheet. So you have to decide, if it's worth it to you to use both. For me, it's a matter of how willing I am to clean the sticky dough off my kitchen table.

Once you're done, transfer the dough to an insulated baking sheet.

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