Simply Calphalon Bakeware Set

Kitchen 6 Piece Nonstick Carbon Steel

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Simply Calphalon Bakeware Set Surely one of the greatest advancements in culinary history (at least of the last 50 years) has been the development of non-stick cookware.

Calphalon bakeware is amongst the best non-stick bakeware available. And this bakeware set is no exception. It has all of the basic tools for home baking: there are three cake pans, a loaf pan ("hello, my beloved banana bread!"), a muffin pan, and a perfect 10-inch x 15-inch cookie sheet. You'll use each and every piece in this set.

The pans are heavyweight carbon steel-they bake evenly and have reinforced rolled edges to prevent warping. And the nonstick coating is fantastic. I usually use parchment paper when I bake-this is the only bakeware set where I can just skip that step.

Is it even possible to find high-quality and low-cost pieces that will last for more than a few years? Yes. Simply Calphalon is Calphalon's budget line. But it's still well constructed. And it looks very similar to the Classic Calphalon line. It doesn't have the lifetime warranty that the Classic Calphalon has, but it is covered for 10 years.

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