Sister Anastazja Pustelnik Best In Cookbook Sales

Polish Nun Who Cooks

Posted by Sharon on Jul 18

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sister-anastazja-polish-cookbookTo most culinary aficionados, the fact that a Polish nun has surpassed names such as Nigella Lawson and Rachael Ray to become Poland's leading cookbook salesperson might be quite a shock. But to those familiar with Poland's social and religious culture, it comes as no surprise.

In fact, Sister Anastazja Pustelnik is not just a leader in cookbook sales; she is also one of Poland's most successful authors -- likely because the country has a very predominant Roman Catholic and Jesuit culture. Sister Anastazja began her work by baking meals and cakes for the Jesuit priests in Krakow. When the priests started putting her most-requested recipes into a brochure, her name spread like wildfire... and the rest is history.

Sister Anastazja Pustelnik never wanted a rise to fame, but is unable to ignore the billboards and posters that feature her face and promote her cookbooks. As a nun, she had prepared herself for a life of obscured servitude to God. "Once when I was walking through town and there were advertisements for one of my books, I felt like tearing them down," she confessed. "But I was afraid of paying a fine."

Polish cooks across the globe rave about her heavenly concoctions: stuffed cabbage rolls, "zurek" or sour soup, and even her dream-inspired "Nun's Secret" cake that layers cheesecake, pink fruit gelatin, and yellow cake all beneath a shell of chocolate icing.

Even with her rise to fame, Sister Anastazja makes a point of giving back to her convent and her community. She says that profits from cookbook sales go to charitable causes, one of which is a local Jesuit educational program.

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  1. barbar recchia Says:

    IS THIS COOKBOOK AVAILABLE IN THE US? No articles list any information on how to purchase her cook books.
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    Please advise me where I can purchase Sister’s cookbooks printed in English – I’d like to give them to our family for Christmas.

  3. Louise Says:

    Let me know when the English version is available. Thank you!

  4. Betty Robinson Says:

    As others have queried: are any of the Sister’s cookbooks available in English? If so, where might I purchase them?
    Thank you.