Slow Cooker Pork Roast w/ Brown Sugar Glaze

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You'll need a fairly large family-size slow cooker for this glazed pork roast, as well as a few extra minutes beforehand to broil off any excess fat. But once that's done, the rest of the prep work is refreshingly easy. This'll be a recipe you'll want to add to your permanent collection.


  • 4 lb. pork loin roast
  • 6 apples, cored and quartered
  • 1/4 cup apple juice
  • 3 T. brown sugar
  • 1 t. ginger, ground


Rub the pork roast with a little salt and pepper to coat. Place the roast into a broiler pan and broil to remove any of the excess fat; drain well.

Place the apple pieces into the bottom of the slow cooker. Next place the pork loin on top of the apples. Combine the ginger, brown sugar and apple juice in a small bowl. Pour the apple juice mixture over the top of the roast.

Cover and cook on a low setting for about 10-12 hours or until the roast is done.

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