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Beverage Cooler Outdoor Refrigerator MC 88M

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Soleus Air Fridge If you cut off R2D2's head and turned him into a refrigerator, you'd have the Soleus Air MC-88M Outdoor Refrigerator. Sort of sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, doesn't it? But it's an updated, headless R2D2 with a stainless steel exterior instead of that old white plastic.

The Soleus Outdoor Refrigerator does have a lot to offer (just as R2D2 did). They both know how to keep their cool, too, which for the Soleus ranges between 39 and 59 degrees F. You control the temperature based on what you're drinking.

With a spacious 4-3/5 cubic foot interior, the Soleus O. R. can hold up to 72 12-ounce cans, 48 beer bottles, or 26 wine bottles. I wonder what R2D2 carried around the galaxy.

In addition to all that cool space, the Soleus also comes with two interior baskets for keeping things organized, two hanging side caddies, and two anti-bacterial serving tables.

There's also a detailed user's manual which includes recommend temperatures for various beverages: 39 degrees F for beer and soda, 45 to 55 for white wine, or 55 to 60 for reds.

And like R2D2, the Soleus comes equipped with durable casters. Of course, it can't move on its own accord; you'll have to push it yourself.

But don't worry. If the Soleus O.R. really is anything like R2D2, he'll be a big hit and keep the party rolling.

For a more permanent solution, see the EdgeStar Dual Zone wine cooler.

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