Stacks and Stacks Kitchen Spice Rack

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Stacks and Stacks Kitchen Spice Rack Stacks and Stacks has been in the business of helping people organize their spaces since 1984. Their product line offers a range of helpful items for the kitchen, office and garden. Their website even offers sections on products for travel, pets and storage for kids.

This tough but attractive steel rack features a soft satin nickel finish. No assembly is required with this piece, measuring 16 by 12.50 by 2.75 inches. Spices and spice jars are not included.

This rack presents you the chance to choose your own spices, jars, lids, and labels in the style you prefer, rather than being stuck with what is provided in a full set. I remember how excited I was when I first got a set of 25 or so matching spice jars back before I did much cooking on my own. I filled about 15 of them and then had to find storage for the other 10 pieces. And of course then those empty bottles were always in my way.

This item allows you to set your seasoning service to fit your own usage levels. The rack is sturdy and has a very modern, sleek design that is warmed and complemented by the satin finish. It would really work well with any decor.

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