Staub Indoor Reversible Grill

Enameled Cast Iron for Stove Top

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Staub Indoor Grill Reversible Usable with any four burner or four element stovetop, this enameled cast iron Reversible Grill from Staub gives the home chef a generous working space and a choice of smooth or ribbed surfaces. The cast iron distributes heat evenly, but will be a chore to clean. That gets better as the griddle breaks in.

This griddle/grill allows searing and low fat cooking with the familiar grilling marks produced by restaurant quality systems. With the flat side up, you have space for preparing a family sized breakfast of pancakes or eggs and bacon, without waiting on smaller skillets to produce.

The grilling surface is deeply grooved, with a large trough around the edge to collect fats and oils. You can achieve fine results with this system, but hand cleaning will be the price you pay.

Plain cast iron contains a lot of carbon and is to some degree resistant to sticking. Adding an enamel coating improves that, but there's still some curing time involved. Oils soak into open pores and create a low stick surface, but not a non-stick grill. Some caution is needed to protect that enamel when cleaning, so follow Staub's directions carefully. Plain cast iron genuinely improves with age and use. With this enameled version, you get the best performance much more quickly.

Let the grill sit on the stovetop until it cools enough to handle -- there's no safe way to move it when it's hot and full of waste fats. Cast iron will break if dropped, and enamel finishes will chip, so enjoy the food and save the work for later.

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