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Suisin Special Inox Knife I've run across very few Suisin knives which merit significant criticism. As a knife maker, they seem to have found a nice balance between respect for the old traditions of the Japanese bladesmiths and modern knifemaking techniques and materials. Regardless of how they do it, I've consistently found their knives to be well made and designed with great consideration towards performance. This new line from Suisin is no exception. It's very well finished, has a very nice feel in the hand, and offers appropriately thin blade geometry, providing quick and easy cutting, a characteristic which will no doubt make it a favorite of those who use it.

The use of AUS10 steel is somewhat unusual in a cook's knife, but it's a steel which offers the ability to take and hold a very refined edge and quickly restore it. I suspect they chose AUS10 both for the enhanced performance capabilities and the desire to offer a steel which is new and different in kitchen knives. The use of the POM synthetic handle material is also a bit unusual coming from a Japanese maker, but it will make for a knife which feels familiar to cooks accustomed to knives from Western makers. I particularly like the steel pommel, which adds a pleasing aesthetic touch and helps the knife keep a neutral balance point near the bolster. The knives in the Suisin Special Inox line are aimed directly at the professional user and are priced accordingly, but dedicated amateurs and professionals alike will find a lot to like about this knife.

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