Sunbeam Heritage Series Toaster

Stainless Steel 2 Slice 3916

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Sunbeam Heritage Series Toaster The Sunbeam Heritage Series toaster combines an old look with new functions. The toaster has a cool touch exterior. It holds two slices and the slots are extra wide and extra deep to fit thicker breads. The unit not only toasts, it reheats and warms for heating without drying. Selection buttons provide options for bagels, pastry or toast. Seven shade settings from light to dark let you create toast that fits your personal preference.

One of the nicest features is the locking high lift handle which allows you to safely remove small items from the machine without burning your fingers. Self-adjusting centering guides align breads to ensure they will brown on both sides to the same degree.

The housing has a lovely vintage appeal-- an arched shape with an etched pattern on the side panel. People remark on the device's looks and its ability to toast bread evenly and perfectly. This model has almost all of the features you could want in a toaster, from a pleasing appearance to consistent function. What were once extras are becoming basic additions to new models, like the low level pop-up which keeps items warm until you retrieve them with the lifting lever.

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