Swissmar Montblanc Meat Fondue Set

Blue Enamel Cast Iron 15 Piece

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Swissmar Montblanc Meat Fondue Set It's time to get the party started. Talk about a social affair. What could be more fun than sharing a meal? And I mean truly sharing. With a gorgeous 15-piece Swissmar Fondue set, the food is the centerpiece.

The Swissmar Montblanc Meat Fondue set includes one squarish, enameled cast iron pot, one splatter ring, six 2-prong forks, four ceramic condiment bowls, one wooden tray, one cast iron base, and one paster burner with safety fondue Swiss fire gel.

The enamel-lined cast iron provides even heat distribution. It can be used on all heat surfaces. For added safety and protection, the included wooden platform features grooves into which you can set the black cast iron base, also called the rechaud.

This set is ideal for cooking meat (with oil), but it can also be used to melt cheese or chocolate. Simply remove the splatter ring for cooking the latter two, and make sure to fill those condiment dishes with all your favorite dipping treats- bread, strawberries, fresh veggies, you name it.

Or you could turn the whole affair into a potluck and have your friends bring the various dipping delicacies. Either way, it's time to gather food and friends around the fondue set, time to roll up your sleeves, and dip in.

For a set in stainless steel, check out this electric fondue pot from Rival.

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