Swissmar V-Prep ABS Mandoline Slicer w/ Storage Box

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Swissmar V-Prep ABS Mandoline Slicer w/An inexpensive handheld version of the multi purpose counter top Mandoline, the V-Prep is a newer version of the company's V-Slicer model. Two interchangeable cutter plates allow the home chef to quickly work up large or small quantities of julienned vegetables or even french fries. Used alone, the V blade quickly slices vegetables and fruits. The storage box doubles as a base for the mandoline while in use, catching food and juices as you work.

The V blade and cutters of this mandoline are sharp, so use of the food holder is a good idea that will keep your fingers out of harm's way. Mandolines are very difficult to resharpen, but work on a different principle than a chef's knife. Pushing food through the cutters will almost always result in jamming the machine, but a fast flicking motion with only slight downward pressure gets good results.

The plastic parts of the Swissmar V-prep are easily cleaned, and in theory are dishwasher safe, but the better you care for the edges of the cutters the less trouble you'll have with this gadget. Even the dishwasher cycle will often leave food particles in crevices, so a good cleaning by hand is a better idea.

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