T-Fal Stockpot w/ Lid

12 Quart Aluminum Black Silicone Handles

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T-Fal Stockpot w/ Lid No kitchen should be without at least one well-proportioned stockpot at the ready. A hearty soup is one of the most welcoming greetings you can receive when coming in from a day spent negotiating the cold and snow. A filling, luscious stew is a nice change of pace from fast food or meat and potato pairings. It slows dinner down -- makes it a more comfortable, relaxed time. Pair either with a crusty bread and a nice glass of wine. Make a little extra. It's always better the next day.

What about a movie with a mountain of hot, buttery popcorn? That is the main use our pot gets. We decided to aim for healthier snacks, so we cut down on bags of chips. They're too easy to reach for out of habit and convenience. When we really want a snack, we get out the stockpot and make old-fashioned popcorn on the stovetop. The lid and vent are a nice touch on the T-Fal, as we use foil on top of our old pot and receive ripping steam burns trying to peel it away. The silicone handles allow the pot to be carried right to the couch. Yes, we eat right out of ours. We have to be more careful, but it keeps the popcorn warm longer.

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