T-Fal Ultimate Pro Deep Fryer

Stainless Steel FR7008002

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T-Fal Ultimate Pro Stainless Steel DeepThe T-Fal FR7008002 Ultimate EZ Clean Pro-Fryer Stainless-Steel 2-2/3-Pound Deep Fryer holds about fourteen cups of oil for restaurant quality fried foods at home. The unit comes with an adjustable thermostat, a temperature-ready light which lets you know when the oil has reached the optimum temperature, and an automatic drainage and filtration system (includes an integrated oil container which holds filtered oil for future use). Additionally, it features cool touch handles on the lid and sides, an external handle for raising and lowering the basket while the lid is closed, and a sealed locking lid which prevents splatter and allows you to see in to check the cooking progress.

The T-Fal has a permanent odor filter which reduces cooking odors. Best of all, it has one hundred percent dishwasher safe parts excluding the heating element.

Careful attention should be paid to the oil storage directions as many customers have experienced leakage issues. Hot oil is not something with which you want to have an incident. Unfortunately, no matter how many tricks they've tried, customers seem to experience frequent and repeated spillage of oil. Dangerous, unsightly and difficult to clean, such spills are a major drawback.

Condensation can make it tough to see through the viewing window and cause splatter when the lid is lifted during cooking. The light that indicates the oil has reached proper temperature is located in an extremely inconvenient place, requiring contortions in order to see it. The unit takes up a lot of space on your counter and in your dishwasher. The odor filter doesn't filter very well, leaving many people's homes smelling of oil. While people have enjoyed the food made in the fryer, the number and severity of issues recommend against the T-Fal.

You could go with the Aroma Smart Fry XL deep fryer instead.

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