Terra Kitchen Apothecary Jars

Counter Storage Clear Glass Set of 4

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Terra Kitchen Apothecary Jars This collection of four glass apothecary jars would make an elegant addition to any kitchen. Or bathroom. Or living room. They're elegant and versatile. Ranging from 4.5 inches tall to 12 inches tall, these beautiful jars could house any number of treasures- candies, cookies, sugar, cotton balls, bubble bath balls, you name it.

The unique shape to the jars and lids adds personality to this collection and to your home. They would also make a lovely gift. I think these jars would please any number of potential recipients-- grandma, mother-in-law, newly weds. Or you could divide the set among 4 co-workers or friends.

Or, if you know a young doctor setting up his or her first private office, this could be a useful, thoughtful gift. Remember what I was saying about cotton balls?

You could even gift the jars with items inside. For the doctor-to-be: cotton balls, tongue depressors, disposable thermometers, and sugar-free candies or sparkling stickers to give to well-behaved patients.

For your in-laws, why not fill them with soft mints, home-made cookies, smoked almonds, and chocolate-covered raisins? Potpourri would work, too.

Use your imagination. Add your own personal touch to this classy gift to show not only the depth of your love but also your limitless creativity.

If you need a larger jar, here's one to consider.

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