Toastess Delfino Electric Kettle Review

Cordless Water Boiler & Heater, Stainless Steel DLJK459

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Toastess Delfino Electric Kettle Review There are a lot of advantages to choosing an electric water boiler over a traditional stovetop kettle. With today's technology, you can find a product that's "faster than a microwave and safer than a stovetop" -- as is the claim of the popular Toastess Delfino Electric Kettle. After seeing all that this stainless steel pot is capable of, I'd have to agree with that claim. And then some.

The Toastess Delfino is able to get water boiling in well under half the time it takes to boil water on a stovetop (on average, 1 liter boils in 2-1/2 minutes). Yep, that's faster than the typical microwave speed, too. This pot can hold up to 7.6 cups of water. To see how much is inside the stainless steel kettle, a clear plastic window panel is located beneath the handle. Sure, it's in a tricky position and can be hard to see at first, but when the kettle is turned on, the panel lights up so it's easier to get a good look inside.

There are a lot of safety features packed into this kettle, more so than I expected. It has three separate automatic safety shut-off sensors. The first activates when the water inside has reached a boiling temperature, the second kicks in if there isn't any water left inside, and the third will turn off the heat once the pot is removed from the base.

It might seem like such a simple part of the product, but a lot of thought went into the base's design as well. The kettle is fully removable from the base and stays hot wherever it needs to go. When the water needs reheating, the pot fits back on the base in a full 360-degree rotation, so no hassles trying to get it placed at the right angle. The cord also wraps around neatly for when the kettle goes in storage -- if that ever were to happen, of course.

A quick water boiling system lets cooks think outside the box. This kettle doesn't have to be solely for drinks. Boil water for pasta in under half the time or sanitize glassware (feasible due to the kettle's wide-mouth lid).

OK, so at this point, I'm thinking this Toastess Delfino is too good to be true. And as expected, nothing's perfect. The one major drawback I can see is in the kettle's construction. A stainless steel pot would attract a lot of health-conscious, eco-friendly consumers. But the plastic window panel nullifies any hopes that the pot will produce 100% BPA-free hot water.

Wish the pot didn't have that plastic window. But that's just my own preference. In every other way, the Toastess Delfino shines. To clean, wash by hand with a soft sponge. Another tip: using filtered water inside (for both drinking and cleaning) will extend life between washings.

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