Toastess Silhouette Warming Tray

Cordless Stainless Steel TWT-40

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Toastess Silhouette Warming Tray While there are relatively low-tech ways to keep food chilled for an event, keeping a dish warm for any length of time is another issue
altogether. Most solutions involve lights that can dry food out and burn guests. Other solutions involve flame -- which works, but isn't always functional at a gathering -- or draped electrical cord. Any time you string a cord, there is the potential to trip over it or snag it, sending hot food and metal flying.

The Toastess Warming Tray eliminates a lot of those safety and inconvenience issues. You plug it in for eight minutes of heating, then detach the cord and place the tray where you need it for up to sixty minutes of warmth. No need to worry about the cord. The tray is made of stainless steel, suitable for entertaining or everyday use. An automatic temperature control protects the unit from overheating. Stay-cool handles make transport easy.

The surface accommodates about three plates, depending on their size. The tray is nice enough for formal occasions, but helpful for any occasion when you need to keep dishes warm, such as family dinners. The more contact with the surface, the better the heating for your dish, so flatter plates tend to get more heat.

Here's another warmer to consider from Broil King.

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