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Togiharu Inox Kitchen Knife Offered exclusively through Korin Trading in the US, and their sister companies in Europe, Togiharu knives have quickly established a reputation amongst professional cooks and serious amateur cooks for their thin geometry and fine performance.

Unlike the Virgin Carbon Steel Gyutou, I recently reviewed, this gyutou is made from INOX stainless steel, so no special maintenance is necessary to keep this knife in top condition. Of the three types of stainless steel knives offered by Togiharu, the INOX line is considered to be the mid level line, featuring better steel and fit and finish than the entry level line, but a slightly lower quality steel than the top tier stainless G-1 line.

By Japanese standards, the INOX stainless is a fairly soft steel at 58RC, but is significantly harder than the typical offerings from common US and European makers. Even though it's a bit softer than I typically prefer in my knives, it will take and hold a good edge which can be easily restored with minimal effort. Unlike most "Western Style" Japanese knives, the handle material of choice is POM synthetic. This makes Togiharu knives far less likely to catch the eye of the local health inspector or run afoul of house rules than knives from other makers featuring "Pakkawood" or natural wood handle materials.

This is a good starter knife for a cook wanting to try out a Japanese knife for the first time without spending a small fortune or someone simply looking for a knife which offers better performance than knives offered by Western makers at the same price point.

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