“Top Chef” Contestants Entertain w/ Live Cooking Challenge In Cedar Rapids

Posted by Sharon on Jun 5

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richard-blais-cedar-rapidsFans of the reality show "Top Chef" in Cedar Rapids, IA, gathered to watch two former contestants battle in a live cooking challenge at Greene Square Park on Thursday afternoon -- and even got to sample the finished products.

Chef Jamie Lauren from season 4 of the series faced off against season 5's Richard Blais. And even though they had met only one other time prior to the event, commentators said that they worked well together, even explaining each other's cooking styles throughout the competition.

The "Cheftestants" were given fresh, local ingredients from Iowa and the Midwestern region to use in their quick-fire challenge recipes. Quaker Oats is also a sponsor of the "Top Chef" city tour, and provided ingredients to use as well.

Blais dazzled the audience with his scientific gastronomy narration as he cooked steak with bone marrow, pickled blueberries, corn milk "paint" sauce with blueberry reduction, and using Cap'n Crunch cereal as a thickening agent. Lauren then soothed the audience with a refreshing cold soup: strawberry and cucumber gazpacho.

At rare moments when they are not receiving praise for their work on "Top Chef," Richard Blais and Jamie Lauren continue to impress their fans at restaurants across the nation. Blais, an Atlanta favorite, is currently looking to expand his company's (TrailBlais) expertise by consulting for a modern hamburger restaurant, while Lauren is the executive chef of Absinthe Brasserie & Bar in San Francisco.

Source: Gazette Online

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