Tramontina Dutch Oven Cast Iron Cookware

Covered Casserole Dish, No Seasoning Required

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Tramontina Dutch Oven Cast IronThis cast iron Dutch oven by Tramontina has been getting a lot of attention over the past year or so. After getting praised by "America's Test Kitchen" as the top-rated Dutch oven casserole dish by their test cooks, its popularity has soared. The Tramontina Dutch Oven's performance surpassed popular cookware brands like Le Creuset and Lodge, which are often more expensive. Cooks are looking to Tramontina to get the best bang for their buck.

The versatility of a Dutch oven in the kitchen is a great asset when cooking, and the Tramonina Dutch oven lives up to expectations. It's useful for simmering soups and stews, slow cooking, braising, roasting, sauteing, baking, and even frying. The pot itself comes in 3.5- or 6.5-quart varieties in either red or black. The sides have loop handles, and the heavy lid is fitted with a stay-cool knob handle.

A common drawback for Dutch oven users, especially those new to the method, is the need to pre-season cookware before use. It can be a tricky thing to figure out at first. However, with the Tramontina Dutch oven, no pre-seasoning is needed. The cast iron dish is coated with a porcelain enamel interior instead, so those looking for the versatility of a Dutch oven can get it all with Tramontina without having to worry about the perfect way to pre-season it.

While the list of the Tramontina's positive features is quite long, there are a few cautions to keep in mind. This Dutch oven is not ideal for cooking on the stovetop any higher than on a medium setting. Otherwise, there's a risk of voiding the included limited lifetime warranty if problems arise. Also, the enamel must be treated with care. One tip is to wash the dish by hand immediately after use; don't soak it in water prior to washing, or the enamel may absorb the water and start to crack.

The Tramontina Dutch Oven is a better value than its competitors due to its equal performance and lower price, but it isn't entirely low maintenance. If treated with care, it will perform well for years in the kitchen.

It's also very comparable to the Le Creuset French Oven, another highly-praised model by numerous chefs.

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