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Electric 3 in 1, 11 Piece Set

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Trudeau Stainless Steel Electric 3 in 1I can't help but laugh when ever I hear the term fondue mentioned as it has a universal reputation for burning the inside of the mouth with molten cheesefood and accidental impaling on the devilish barbs of the forks. Actually these mishaps are due to American misuse of the product. The forks are intended only to cook or dip tidbits and regular silverware should be used for the eating. Thankfully the Trudeau Electric version, an update from the old Sterno type, has a more even and consistent heat with the variable temperature control. Americans will probably still eat the cheese while its too hot.

Trudeau's 3 in 1 Set refers to the ability to make three types of fondue with one product. The double boiler offers a stoneware insert for use with chocolate and cheese as they stick to stainless steel and potentially burn. Stainless is used to prepare meat fondue and it can be partially filled with either oil or stock to cook a variety of meats. The warming plate is non stick for easy cleaning. The fifty six ounce stainless steel pot comes with simple but absolutely necessary fork guides. Each fork has a different colored dot on the end so that each person can identify their own.

Trudeau's site has an extensive array of simple, helpful suggestions for proper serving and consumption of fondue, including stirring technique, cheese recommendations, and tips and tricks to troubleshoot consistency issues. Under Hosting Tips they detail how to properly prepare items for various styles of fondue and answer just about any question one could conceive of regarding use of their product. Trudeau began making kitchen implements in the nineties after a long history in luxury imports and they pride themselves on their customer service. This shows in the considerate design of their product and their willingness to help customers get the most from their purchase.

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