Tupperware Beverage Dispenser for Refrigerator Storage

Plastic, Apricot Orange, 9 Quart

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Tupperware Beverage Dispenser forThe nine-quart capacity of this Tupperware Beverage Dispenser provides refrigerated cold drinks for everyone in the family and doubles as a convenient and sanitary picnic item. The Beverage Dispenser occupies roughly the same shelf space as two gallons of milk.

Tupperware's design allows even small hands access to more than two gallons of liquid, so expect a few cleanups if small children live in the house. Situated on a top shelf in the fridge, the dispenser could be just within reach for a child too short to use it well. The spigot lever snaps back to stop the flow but isn't automatic. Construction is solid and leakproof, but don't put a lot of stress on the spout.

The entire top of the container lifts off for easy mixing of juices and package drinks and snaps securely into place when mixing's done. Loosen the vent cap in the corner for faster pouring. If you're taking the dispenser on a picnic, the sturdy handles on each end help carry the load safely.

Tupperware's Beverage Dispenser can be a real money-saver as well as a convenience, allowing family use of powdered sports drinks, frozen juices, and of course even Kool-Aid. Savings on bottled drinks could quickly pay off the initial cost, and it's a good way to push the household towards healthier beverage choices. The entire dispenser is dishwasher safe, but does take up a lot of space in the machine.

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