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Tupperware Servalier 4 Canister Set,The Servalier Classic Canister Set from Tupperware provides four white dishwasher safe canisters with Red Seal tops that open easily and snap snugly closed with an airtight fit. Capacity is generous, including 17 cup, 12 cup, 8 cup, and 5 cup sizes.

Every kitchen has its array of staple ingredients, whether it's flour and sugar and salt or an assortment of grains and beans. Good storage containers make good sense if you keep more than a few days' supplies on hand. The plastic or paper bags most foods arrive in don't last and aren't impervious to insects and spills. Sealing open packages in ziploc bags only adds another layer of temporary protection.

The Classic Canisters have another advantage -- they're stable on the counter top and offer complete access to the contents. You'll have fewer spills while measuring recipe amounts and no concerns about getting the bottom of the container into the damp spot on the table. Spatters and splashes on the outside of the canisters clean up with a damp cloth. The entire set is dishwasher safe. My only real criticism is that the canisters are tapered, not straight-sided, and take up more space than absolutely necessary.

Large plastic containers can be difficult to handle and slippery when filled, but the surfaces of these durable canisters are textured for a secure and safe grip. If you're using them for long term food storage, add a few bay leaves to grains, beans, and pasta. The scent of bay leaves repels flour moths. It's an extra level of protection that can't hurt.

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