Typhoon Adjustable Hanging Pot Rack

Natural Wood & Cast Aluminum 36 Inch

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Typhoon Adjustable Hanging Pot Rack Though I like the idea of a hanging pot rack that installs in nearly any convenient location, unless you are a handyman or know one, the installation of the Typhoon 36-inch Hanging Pot Rack System could be frustrating. It's a perfect fit for space over a central kitchen island or divider countertop, but it will require support beams in the right places and the ability to find them. Trial-and-error installation will leave plenty of holes in the kitchen ceiling.

The fully adjustable rack adjusts horizontally with cast aluminum hooks sliding in a wood framework -- and vertically with open links of chain that simply hook or unhook from the string. Any pots with handle loops large enough to snag the hooks will fit, and extra hooks are available to expand the possibilities. Simply slide the hooks to the positions on the 36-inch long rack that work the best. Add or take away links to adjust the height for the convenience of taller or shorter chefs.

With this many open links and cast aluminum parts, the Typhoon rack does create a few functional doubts. Certainly it's able to hold a half dozen pots and pans if installed correctly, but it's no trapeze. It will probably be assigned to hold the pots you use the least, since getting a pot back on a swinging hook can be a little tricky -- and to be out of the way of other work, the rack must be set pretty high. A large wok could dangle a full two feet below the frame. If you're the sort who needs things to be parallel and square, it's a project destined for trouble.

If you prefer the stainless steel look, here's a great option by Range Kleen.

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