Compact Refrigerator & Ice Maker by ULine CO1175

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U-Line Refrigerator & Ice Maker,The U-Line Corporation has been in the refrigeration business for over 40 years, creating refrigerators that at first glance seem to be a step up from typical household appliances. This means the U-Line Compact CO1175 Refrigerator not only has functional expectations to live up to, but it also has the weight of a well-known luxury brand name to uphold.

So, does it deliver? Let's take a look at the bare-bones functionality:

The U-Line CO1175 is a 24-inch compact refrigerator and freezer with 4.2 cubic feet of fridge space. But the ice-making capacity is where the CO1175 stands out. It boasts a 13-lb. ice storage capacity with a 18-lb. daily ice production capacity. At 18 pounds a day, this compact contraption is well-suited for the office, dorm, or minibar. This model comes in brushed stainless steel, white, and black exteriors and is part of the Origins Series.

U-Line also advertises a vast number of patents and "industry firsts," one of which is their frost-free technology that wards off freezer burn and keeps food well-preserved. The ice maker is built on the top, too, versus other fridge/icemaker combo models that build this feature into the bottom of the unit.

All in all, the refrigerator's functionality is intact, with very few complaints from its users. The only drawback to this U-Line combo appliance may be the price. There are certainly less expensive compact refrigerators to choose from, and the CO1175 may be a bit overkill if you're shopping for functionality alone. But if you're looking for a combo fridge with high potential for your entertaining needs, the ice machine's storage capacity and output may just be the icing on the cake.

Here's an upright refrigerator to consider if you have a bit more room to spare but still need some space-saving technology.

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