Vacu Vin Prestige Rapid Ice Wine Cooler

Brushed Stainless Steel Sleeve

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Vacu Vin Prestige Rapid Ice Wine Cooler Called the Rapid Ice (RI) Wine Cooler, this tabletop device chills wine through use of a Rapid Ice cooling element. It takes only minutes to completely chill a bottle and can keep it cool for hours. For best results, it is recommended that you keep the chill sleeve in the freezer. If you prefer not to keep it frozen at all times, Vacu Vin suggests that the cooling element be kept in the freezer for eight hours before use. You can chill more than one bottle by purchasing an extra sleeve and changing them out between bottles. Vacu Vin also has a wonderful chart on their site which suggests wine pairings with various meal components and appetizers.

There are many good points in favor of this chiller vs. other brands and models. No ice or water is required. The label doesn't get wet (important if you like to save them). The sleeve is reusable. The whole unit is portable and doesn't require any electricity for actual use. This doesn't make it better than other devices, necessarily. Some are faster, and some are more precise. It really depends more on which type fits your particular need and plan for use. This one would be great for use close to home, where there is freezer access.

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